Make high-quality postsecondary pathways a top priority as you plan your stimulus investments.

As your district plans for investment of stimulus funds, support for high-quality postsecondary pathways should be a top priority. Below are four major areas for potential investment, with specific strategies underneath each one. Each presents real-world examples of strategies in action, contributed by leading educational experts from across the country. They include practical planning and implementation steps, budgetary guidance, and examples from the field. We are also creating opportunities for district leaders to directly connect with peers and experts around these strategies. If you are interested in participating, Connect with us.

Four key investment priorities

Build Momentum - Strategies - Invest Forward

Build college and career momentum early in high school

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Acquire Knowledge - Invest Forward

Acquire knowledge, experiences, and relationships necessary for career success

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Investment Strategies - Earn College Credit - Invest Forward

Earn college credit and/or stackable credentials before graduation

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Investment Strategies - Gain Credentials - Invest Forward

Directly enroll in postsecondary education or training programs that lead to credentials with labor market value

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How do we increase student matriculation into postsecondary? One of our main strategies is to increase advanced coursework offerings.

— District Leader